Window Gasket Replacement- South Sound Area

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Window Gasket Replacement- South Sound Area

Post by Nitrosteve » Thu Jun 23, 2022 9:18 am

Hi All,
Looking for recommendations in the Tacoma area on replacing window gaskets on my boat.

I have a 2011 Northwest Jet that I purchased new. It appears as if all of the front and side window gaskets are shrinking and now have gaps of up to 1/2 inch where the seams join together.

Obviously I need to get this repaired soon and getting water in the interior during rain and waves that come up over the bow.

I have called the factory- not much help at all, called about a dozen marine repair shops on both sides of the mountains and still cannot find one that is willing to take this one on.

Do any of you have a recommended shop where I can have this serviced?

Appreciate any input that you might have!


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