How to Post a Video Player on Your Blog!

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How to Post a Video Player on Your Blog!

Post by Mike Carey » Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:31 pm

To post a video player in a Blog Post is quite easy, thanks to Gonzipheris who told me how.

First - you need to upload your video to whatever service you want to use to host your personal videos. I used YouTube.

Second - After you have it on YouTube, look for the feature called "Embed". Copy the code.

Third - Create your new Blog Post. In the lower left corner of the log entry tool, there is a button to switch to "HTML code" (it is set to default as "Design"). Once in HTML, paste the code where you want it to appear in your Blog Post. Save and when done you will have a video player with your video clip embedded into your Blog. Cool!

As to content posted in your Blogs - yes, it's your blog, but we still want to maintain the site's family orientation. Blogs are open to everyone to see. It's fairly easy to edit out swear words with most any video editing software. So do that first before you upload the video to YouTube and you'll be good to publish.

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